E m a i l 

What’s with the name of this site? N676 = Number 676.

676 = 13 x 52 = 50 x 13.52 = 26 squared = 4 x 13 squared = 4 x 169 = 666 + 10 = the beast + 10

It is based on a fictional character I thought up once. Her devil name is Mackin-Ann and her human name is Maryhanna or Marianna. She has been reincarnated more than 5000 times which means that she pre-dates modern humans. She is one of the original devils — Satan is 5 years older. In her various lifetimes, she has been mother, son, husband, and wife of Satan. He is not present in all of her past lives. Sex can change with reincarnation. There are also younger devils including a first lifer — Damien.

Devils accidentally blew up their own world 4 million years ago. They were cast out of heaven about the same time. They arrived on Earth with souls, but no bodies. They could possess wolves and snakes and stuff, but there was nothing quite like what they used to be.

The serpent talked Adam and Eve into eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge. I interpret this to be “devils helped humans evolve from apes to humans.” Things were going along nicely when God showed up and ordered devils to stop working on this project. Humans are an unfinished product. God sank Atlantis at about the same time.

In this lifetime, Jesus lives on an island with 3000 devils. He goes around performing miracles and nobody cares. Marianna is his girl friend. If Jesus stays on the island, he is not out saving the world. One day, God shows up and banishes Jesus from the island. Marianna goes with him.

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